Our Story

Our Pastor

Pastor Kerby Campbell was born and raised in Statesville, North Carolina. He was saved at the age of 8 during chapel at his Christian School. He went to college, in Virginia, where he met his wife, Kelli. They have been married for 38 years and have 2 sons, Isaac and Jack.

God called him to preach and gave him a desire to start Northwest Baptist Church, in Marysville, Washington, in 1996. God blessed the ministry there and thousands came to know Christ as their Saviour.

After 15 wonderful years, God allowed a difficult trial to come into the Campbell's life and he had to resign his ministry. During a routine knee surgery, the doctor injured his nervous system and caused a disease called Arachnoiditis, which is a lifetime of excruciating, incurable pain with no hope from doctors.

After resigning, Pastor Campbell started a ministry called Treasured Trials to give hope and help to those who have had their lives shattered. He traveled the country for 8 years to give hope to the broken and hurting. He understands what it is like to hurt and lose everything... all of your dreams and desires.

A healing and a calling...

After a miraculous healing, God called the Campbells to Park Meadows Baptist Church in 2018 to reach the lost, help the hurting and meet the spiritual needs of those looking for Biblical help.

Pastor Campbell is excited to be here at Park Meadows Baptist Church and looks forward to seeing what God will do here in Lincoln, Illinois and the surrounding communities. 

Where we are headed...

The Campbells recently celebrated four years at Park Meadows Baptist Church. During the past four years, our church has continued to grow and has witnessed immense needs being met and exceeded through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will continue to witness, grow and serve our communities in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together for Sunday School at 9:30 am, service at 10:30am, and 5:00pm.
Join us for Wednesday evening service at 7:00 pm.